Can weightlifting alone help to increase body mass and muscle?

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The Smith Machine Incline Bench Press. Image Credit: Gynexin World

 If you want to be inspired to start going to gym and build those lean and loose muscles then I suggest you catch of the glimpse of the Olympic Games and the unbelievable feats performed by the athletes from various parts of the world. I seriously envy their impressive and fit physique and the mental ability to build it. I am not sure if you are aware or not but these athletes are mostly trained for gymnastics and other feats by weightlifting exercises. Hence the debatable question arises that do weight lifting exercises alone can build body muscles?

The answer has to be explained by saying that if you are a newbie then a definite yes!! Weightlifting exercise can definitely help you to build a muscular body, but if you have been a steady gym person then it could take some creativity on your part to increase the tension in your body to get that pectoral and huge muscular body.

But let us first understand what the factors that help build muscle are:

  1. Tension:

Here we are not talking about mental tension. We are talking about the mechanical tension that the muscles experience when performing weightlifting exercise. The term mechanical tension refers to the tension that you feel when weightlifting a barbell that is more than your weight. When you try this you can feel the tension in your shoulders, spine and core.

  1. Stress to metabolism:

This is referred to as ‘pump’ in the body building world. It happens when you get a burning sensation which indicates that the muscles are tired. It is called pump because the stress makes the muscles fill up with blood and make them look big and swollen.

  1. Damage to muscles:

This is a common feeling for beginners. After around 24-36 hours of the work out, the body parts start to feel sore. But in the body building world this is considered a good sign as it means that the injured muscles are being repaired and getting stronger.

As we said earlier the people are regular with their workout can face problems to gain muscle mass. But even that has solutions. Let us take a look how:

  1. Focusing on group of large muscles:

Squats, push-ups, lunges and other standard body building exercises are great for building your arms, shoulders and chest. But if you really want to build mass and muscle you will have to shift focus the biggest two muscle in human body, which are, the glutes which comprise of the 3 muscles of your butt and the lats which are made up of the muscles from below your armpit to the lower of your back. These are the main muscles that need to be targeted for better muscle growth.

  1. Up the challenge:

Sometimes increasing the tension via weight lifting exercises is not enough because the increasing the reps may only manage to increase the endurance of the muscles instead of increasing their mass. In order to gain muscles in particular areas by using weight lifting exercises you have to slowly and steadily make the basic exercises more and more difficult.

For many people it is hard to learn to build up the muscles from scratch but a high level of dedication and focus on your goal can help.

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