Canadian Maple Syrup- Add Flavor To Your Recipes And Enrich Your Health

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Maple syrup is one of the traditional sweeteners but without any cholesterol, fat and protein. There is no better choice available for diabetic patients other than Canadian Maple Syrup to sweeten their drinks. Today, the market is flooded with processed sweeteners under various brand names. Though they claim that these products are organic, and non-processed, their claim is not real. However, maple syrup is obtained just by boiling the sap obtained from the maple trees at higher temperature for prolonged time. It contains no other ingredient, no preservatives and no added components. That is why it has great nutritional value when compared to other sweetening agents.

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Different grades of maple syrup:

Basically, maple syrup is available in two different grades such as Grade A and Grade B, whereas Grade B is darker, denser and more nutrient and so, it is highly preferred when compared to grade A maple syrup. If you have decided to buy maple syrup online, make sure that you purchase them from companies that produce syrup in small batches. Only these companies use organic and sustainable methods to extract maple syrup from the sap. This syrup is not obtained from the mono crop farm which is planted exclusively for the production of maple syrup.

Nutritional Benefits:

Maple syrup is really one of the wonders as it is obtained from the sap that has only a little bit of sweetness. Moreover, you could not find any other natural sweetener that contains extensive nutrients such as manganese, zinc, phenolic compounds, etc. other than maple syrup. So far, it is discovered that there are more than 34 new compounds found in this syrup. All these compounds play a vital role in ensuring good health of people consuming them in their daily diet. As most of the manufacturers are using traditional process to produce this syrup, the taste and flavor remains the same till today.

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