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Steroids are artificially manufactured hormones intended for medical use. There are many kinds of steroids like Corticosteroid, Anabolic Steroid, Androgenic Anabolic Steroids, etc. Corticosteroids help people with inflammations and allergic conditions, anabolic steroids for people with muscle wasting diseases and cancer and Androgenic steroids for treatment of infertility, sex hormone imbalances, etc. These are the legal and legitimate use of the steroids. These drugs are available with a prescription from a physician and under proper medical care. However, steroids have been used by many bodybuilders, athletes and for other recreational uses. Even though the legality varies from country to country, they still do use them.

Legality of Steroid Use

Steroids are legal only for medical use. Period. When used for other purposes, the law is not so clear but depends on the use. If used personally for bodybuilding and performance enhancement in sports, it is OK to use them. However, if one intends to participate in national or international sports, then the status changes to illegal use. The same is true if the use is recreational purposes. It cannot legally be manufactured by individuals since these have to pass a number of quality control checks and country-specific tests.

How to get Steroids

One way to get steroid is to consult a physician and obtain the drug legally. But once the intended use is known, it is doubtful whether he can oblige with a prescription. Then there are the online stores which can supply different kinds of steroids. But the question again that comes across is that whether one can buy reliably from these stores. Since these drugs go through reliable tests before marketed for medical use, one can rely on them blindly to do their work. Not so in the case of online stores which may or may not give a reliable drug.

Side Effects of Steroids

Steroids are notorious for their side effects when used beyond their recommended use. The result from steroids is so effective that it is easy for one to get used to the drug and start using them indiscriminately. Some common side effects include headaches, dry mouth, fluid retention, infertility, male characteristics in women, larger breast in men, etc. If drugs which have been rigorously tested can throw such side effects. They are almost certain to give more side effects than the real ones.

Safe Use

When it comes to laws specific about steroidal use, they are almost unanimous on the sports and medical use. They are termed ‘controlled substances’ and hence legal only for medical use. One can discuss the availability in forums, bulletin boards or from a specific user. One has to verify the authenticity of the drug before its usage so as to avoid side effects. Apart from steroids, there are other natural herbs and extracts which can induce hormone production in the body. However, these kinds of steroid enhancers cannot legally be manufactured and sold by individuals. If one is traveling to Canada or US or other countries, check their laws about possession and usage through their websites or Embassies as otherwise one may land up in trouble.

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