Difference between Gynecomastia and Pseudogynecomastia

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Gynecomastia is the condition of growth of the chest in men like the breasts in women.  In gynecomastia, men develop breast glandular tissues which results in puffy nipples and areola. Gynecomastia can happen to any male. There is condition called pseudo gynecomastia which is often confused with gynecomastia. As, the name of pseudo gynecomastia, it is the false gynecomastia. It is the kind of gynecomastia which is not concerned with the breast tissue instead it is related to obesity.


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Gynecomastia and Pseudogynecomastia, both are completely different from each other but they both have similar visible result. One cannot distinguish the difference between the two until the person is diagnosed of the condition, he is suffering from.  Let’s have a glance on the difference between gynecomastia and Pseudogynecomastia:


Gynecomastia is caused due to the hormonal imbalances in men during puberty and in the initial childhood stage. Hormonal imbalances create the abnormal growth in the breast muscles in the chest.

Pseudogynecomastia is the result of the excessive fat which gets deposited under the skin. So if you are obese then there are more chances of you suffering from Pseudogynecomastia.


When a man develops the breast, it is quite embarrassing for them to face the world. They should immediately run to the physician to check out whether they are suffering from true gynecomastia or false gynecomastia. There is a difference in the growth of breast in men in both the conditions.

If you have firm and hard breast like the women, then you are suffering from gynecomastia. it is manifested by the growth of the lump under nipple which gives it more shape like the breast.

When the grown breasts are soft and get saggy because of extra skin, it means that you are suffering from Pseudogynecomastia.


Gynecomastia cannot be treated through diet change or exercise alone. Few medications and surgical treatments are required to treat gynecomastia. For treatment of the true gynecomastia, excision is done to remove the breast tissues in men.

Pseudogynecomastia can be controlled by the diet control, cardiovascular exercises, fat reducing supplements and pills. There are lots of cardiovascular exercises like dumbbell pullover, workout on smith machine, barbell press, pushups and many others which help in reduction of fat from the chest thus flatten the breast in men. Surgical treatment of Pseudogynecomastia includes liposuction therapy. It is the technique in which laser beam is used to melt the fat from the chest area and with the help of the suction tube, it is released from the body.

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