Drunk Driving and Alcohol Addiction: A Key Problem in Naperville and in the Nation

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Alcohol, when it comes to substance abuse, is the biggest problem in the nation by far.  This crisis goes above and beyond any single drug, and in fact alcohol still to this day kills more Americans than all forms of drug substances combined.  With alcohol, really anyone can get into any kind of trouble, and the most concerning aspect to alcohol abuse in the nation is that it is growing at an alarming rate. With this being said, there is a drug rehab Naperville available to help reduce he number of death caused by alcohol and any other deadly drug. For example:

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  • There are 1.4 million drunk driving arrests in the United States every year, and it sadly estimated that the police only apprehend about forty percent or so of the number of individuals who engage in drunk driving every year.   As if drunk driving wasn’t enough, to add to it and to exacerbate it a United States’ Department of Justice study found that as many as 40% of violent crimes occur while the perpetrator of such crimes was under the influence of alcohol.  Essentially, alcohol, when abused, instigates violent crimes and drunk driving both apparently.

Obviously, drunk driving and simple alcohol abuse in general is a major issue in Naperville and all across the nation for that matter, and if something is not done soon to address this, then it will only get much, much, much worse a lot sooner than it will ever get better.  It is a major problem in Naperville with the youth there too.  For example:

  • Youth who drink are statistically speaking a staggering eight times more likely to use other illegal drugs and fifty times more likely to use and abuse cocaine than young people who never drink at all or who drink very, very rarely.  One survey found that 32% of the heavy drinkers over 12 were also illegal drug users of some kind or another.  In the end, for young people it would seem that alcohol abuse at such a young age more often than not inspires the abuses of illegal drugs too.  Youths are also three to four times more likely to get in a car accident while driving drunk than a full grown adult is.

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Jail Time or Rehab Time?  What the Best Course of Action for Naperville Might Be

Historically speaking, no jail has ever really full rehabilitated an addict who was serving time there.  Actual rehab centers like the drug rehabilitation Naperville do though.  If one were to take an individual who was driving drunk a lot and put him or her into a drug rehab Naperville facility, he or she would actually get better and would stop using and abusing drugs and alcohol.  However, if one were to do the same thing with an addict but instead send him or her to a jail cell, he or she would probably come out and go right back to drinking and driving.  It is time in Naperville to stop addicts from driving drunk by rehabilitating them.

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