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Eat, drink and refrigerate!

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The lure of pubs and restaurants is arguably never greater than on cold autumn and winter nights when people crave warming nourishment.

This need for a satisfying hot meal and a glass of wine means that if you run an establishment that offers food your clients will be vying for tables and your excellent menu options.

You’ll still have the train of tourists and locals to cater to and as the sun fades a number of visitors to town or country will opt to take in a show and have a meal afterwards, they won’t necessarily do this at the hotel they’re staying in so you might find that you need additional refrigeration space to accommodate an increase in customers.

Christmas is only weeks away and this means that shoppers will be packing the shopping districts and each and every one of these devoted festive shoppers will need nourishment.

Add these people to the Boxing Day and New Year’s sales customers and you’ll potentially be feeding scores of people in addition to your “bread and butter” clients.


Time to think of mobile fridge hire or cold room rental

Obtaining a hire unit from an expert firm like Ice cool Trailers who are based in Berkshire and serve London and the south’s restaurants, pubs and hotels frequently is not rocket science, just pick up the phone.

The experts at the hire centre will work with you to ensure that you have adequate additional capacity plus a bit extra.

The mobile fridge hire unit will be delivered as arranged and set up ready for immediate use by you.

Whether your hire unit is intended for a car park, by entry/exit doors, outside the main kitchen, adjacent to a marquee or in the middle of a grass area you’ll have peace of mind with facilities that you can trust in.

Mobile fridge hire units are lockable so they’re secure.

Stock can be placed in the unit without fear of people helping themselves to your food stock.

As the units are walk in it’s feasible for employees to prepare food in them if the kitchen is over run with staff.

If you prefer a modular cold room that doesn’t have wheels and that won’t need to be repositioned after delivery then this is equally easy to arrange.

Cold room rental is cost effective, space efficient and the hire period can last for as long as you need additional space.

Modular cold rooms are available at different capacities and staff can work without causing a health and safety issue as they can move freely within them.

The hire units are fully secure and lockable.

A note with both mobile fridge hire and cold room rental: The hire units are usually insured, your stock won’t be unless you source cover.

The most important factor is to ensure that your guests have enough food and drink to keep your tills ringing.

Don’t turn clients away, make your team work really hard this season by hiring additional refrigeration space.

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