Fenantyl – Prescription Pain Killer Addiction

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Fenantyl like Morphine is a pain killer. Prescription of Fenantyl is used majorly to ease and manage pain (chronic and surgical). Fenantyl is also used for people whose body have developed resistance to other opiates or pain relieving drugs. Actiq, Sublimaze and Duragesic are prescription forms of Fenantyl. If you believe you are emotionally or physical addicted to Fenantyl, visit Canadian Addiction Rehab today and talk to a medical professional (doctor, counsellor, and therapist) urgently to prevent the inevitable horror of Fenantyl addiction.

Fenantyl like most opiates works together with the natural opiates receptors in the spinal cord and brain. These receptors are located in the part of the brain responsible for pain and emotions. Fenantyl usually gives a good feeling due to the increased production of dopamine.


Consistent and long term use of Fenantyl may lead to addiction when the natural pleasure receptors in the brain are slowly replaced. As a result, the user’s ability to derive pleasure from normal activities becomes difficult. The user in turn results to taking more doses of the drug in order to derive the desired pleasure. Normal reward mechanisms become inactive due to Fenantyl addiction.

Deviation from the recommended doses of Fenantyl can lead to addiction.

Addiction signs include;

  • Consuming more of the drug than what was prescribed by the doctor.
  • There is a strong urge to take the drug and there is a deep anxious worry when the drug begins to run out.
  • Difficulty in quitting the drug even when the addict is willing.
  • Allows the pleasure derived from the drug lead to a withdrawal in normal social life activities
  • Trying to acquire large quantities of the drug illegally

If any of the above symptoms apply to you or a loved one then it is important that you seek professional assistance immediately.  Fenantyl is a synthetic opiate that is administered to patients in severe or chronic pain or alternatively after surgery. Fenantyl is highly potent (more potent than heroin and 100x more than morphine) and highly addictive.

Fenantyl Abuse Treatment

Treatment is a vital part of the addiction recovery phase from Fenantyl. And like every other drug addiction case, detox is usually the first step.


Fenantyl addiction is as much as physical as it is psychological. As a result, a person addicted to Fenantyl will experience emotional, physical, emotional and mental withdrawal symptoms if he or she decides to quit. Some of the symptoms include:

  • Confusion and chills
  • Irritability
  • Body pain/weakness
  • Tremors and twitching/shaking
  • Stomach pains
  • Loss of appetite
  • Muscle and joint pain
  • Irritability

Because withdrawal symptoms may be extreme, it is vital that you work with a certified and qualified medical expert to carry to carry out the detox process conveniently and safely. With the supervision of a qualified expert, chances are that the addict will recover fully in a short time.

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