Guide to levels of regrowth after hair loss treatment.

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After hair loss restoration, it takes time to see the desired results by different individuals; it may take longer period which can make them feel frustrated by the slow results. It is important for patients to note that hair loss treatment does not perform magic on normal hair growth cycle, so the implanted hair will grow normally just like the normal hair of an individual. An individual is supposed to understand their hair growth rate and cycle and how their hair strands grow. It is difficult to tell exactly the level of hair regrowth that one will undergo but with the normal initial shedding period, changes are noticeable within a period of 3 months. However, it would take up to 12 months depending on one’s hair growth cycle. Apparently the period that one has experienced hair loss and the age of an individual are also factors in hair regrowth after hair loss treatment.

The client is advised to keep in touch with the surgeon or the clinic so as to enlighten them what to expect during this recovery period and also to attend post-procedure checkups. During the recovery period, the following takes place.

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First day after the surgery

During the first day of the implant, one is expected to experience some numbness, minor soreness, and discomfort. The surgeon will prescribe the best painkillers for the client.  The patient is also advised to wash their hair gently and remove any blood.

In a weeks’ time

The swelling and bruising at the hairline are expected to ease within a few days. Many doctors prefer not to apply bandage after the treatment but in case the dressing was done, it is within this period the bandage should be removed. The scalp might be itchy or feel a little bit tight which is normal. The area where the hair was implanted forms some small scabs which should fall off within this period.

The second week

During this period, the implanted hair grafts and follicles may start shedding and falling off due to Thermal Shock. Thermal shock occurs where intense heat has been applied to hair and destroys the hair follicles. However, it’s only the grafts and follicles that fall off, but the stem cells are intact and will enable hair grafts to grow. The implanted hair grafts will then start growing following the normal hair growth cycle. At this stage, an individual can return to the normal hair combing and brushing.

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One month

One month after hair loss treatment, the restored hair continues to shed and fall off; the individual looks similar to how he/she was before the hair restoration. The surgeon will advise the client on the best hair conditioners, shampoos, and replenisher to be applied to create an environment that will enhance regrowth of the grafts and maturation.

Between 6th and 12th month

It is in this period that the hair thickens and grows, normally undergoing the change in texture. Most patients can at this stage see their final results of their expectations. Hair thickening may still continue, even when the clients feel they have seen their expected results, However, some individuals takes longer than one year to experience their full final results and at this stage may feel frustrated by the procedure and should keep in touch with the doctor or the clinic for post-procedure checkups. Their results may prolong to 18 months for them to experience real change.

While the treatment procedure is just a single day thing, hair regrowth needs patience since there is no skill any surgeon will do whatsoever to fasten the hair growth rate of the individual. Some individuals will experience increased hair density while others will be noticing just a significant increase. Till the outcome, the regrowth will only be entirely individual. Hairs are synchronous and always will be at different levels at any given time.

The anagen phase is the first stage of hair growth period; it is healthy hair with no thinning. After this phase, the hair enters a transitional period where hair growth begins to stop and finally the telogen phase where in this stage the hair is released and begins to fall out and after hair loss treatment the same growth cycle is expected to take place.

After hair restoration, the patients are expected to involve their surgeons on their hair regrowth step after step to ensure they are informed, and everything is turning up as promised. The clinic may not do much to regrow the hair quickly but will inform the client and guide them on the regrowth levels hence reducing their frustrations if the results are slow to surface. Hair loss treatment is a process that is done within a day, but the results take a longer period to show. For hair restoration, patience is a virtue.

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