How Marijuana is Harming the Brains of Skokie Teens

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Marijuana Abuse and Addiction: A Bad Life Choice for Anyone

Marijuana is probably one of the most debated and one of the most contentious and also one of the most confusing and argued over drug in the history of drugs that are abused in the nation.  It is also one of the most dangerous drugs in the world on a long-term basis, though many do not know this or they deny it for some reason or another.

Marijuana is the nation’s number one gateway drug.  This alone makes it incredibly dangerous.  This essentially means that, though not everyone who abuses marijuana will become addicted to heroin, cocaine, meth, alcohol, or prescription drugs, but those who abuse marijuana do stand a much, much, much, much higher likelihood of becoming addicted to such drugs at some point in the future.  Essentially, any heavy addict in the nation who is using and abusing something dangerous will be able to admit that marijuana was his or her first drug of choice. Also, since marijuana tends to be a gateway drug, this issue needs to be solved since individuals

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Skokie Teens Abusing Marijuana More and Feeling the Effects of It

Teens in Skokie who smoke pot may wind up with brains that look strikingly different from those who start using marijuana later in their lives, a new study reports to us.  This is a particularly troubling and potentially damaging issue in and around Skokie, as this shows that this area has an intense marijuana abuse problem currently and they can seek help at any drug rehabilitation Illinois for this issue.

Early pot use and abuse may truly and realistically alter the physical development of a young teen’s brain in ways that he or she simply cannot stand.  This type of use and abuse of the drug seems to obstruct the natural process by which the body eliminates unneeded neurons and synaptic connections, the researchers reported.  Marijuana truly does a number on one’s brain and on one’s mind, but this truth is often avoided or swept under the rug. Individuals need to start being referred to any drug rehab referral service where they can talk to them about the effects of the drugs that they are consuming and this will hopefully change their mind and make them consult someone in order to get started at a drug rehabilitation Skokie for recovery.

As a result of these truths and of these facts, the brains of various people who started smoking pot younger than age 16 tend to have fewer surface wrinkles and folds in the outer layer of the brain, also known as the cerebral cortex, making for less mental capacity, less ability to develop, less ability to learn, etc.  The cortex of such teens also tended to be thicker in these early use teens, again suggesting that less development had occurred.   Such alterations to normal brain structure could impact the teens’ ability to think and reason in later life, which would make for a poor and dulled future.  For example, the frontal lobe of the cortex often deals with attention, judgment and other higher-level brain function.  This is the cortex that is most affected by marijuana use and abuse.  Smoking a lot of marijuana over the course of a few years is akin to giving oneself a prefrontal lobotomy very, very slowly.

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This bodes ill for Skokie teens.  This is an area that has much potential for being a great Chicago city, but if most of the teens are becoming dumber and dumber by the minute then it is unlikely that this will occur.  If something is not done about this soon such as having them referred to a drug rehab Skokie, then the issue will only get worse and worse.

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