How to clean your hot tub in just four easy steps

Despite the fact that most modern hot tubs require very little upkeep or maintenance, it makes sense to do a bit of spring-cleaning every now and again. After all, if you host a lot of parties or have family and friends coming over to use your spa, you will want it to stay in tiptop condition.

Thankfully, you only really need to give your hot tub a deep clean once every year. What’s more, it is relatively straightforward and can be carried out in just four easy steps too.

Here is our guide, in four major steps, through the whole hot tub cleaning process:

  1. Flush out the pipes

Over time the pipes of every hot tub will become coated with a slick film of bacteria that low flow circulation pumps cannot remove. It is also rather hard to prevent this biofilm from building up too, which can be caused by mechanical down time, extended power outages, poor water balance, sanitation slip-ups, temporary draining, and simply just standing empty!

For this reason, use a spa flush product at the start of your annual clean, as this will remove oils, organics, dirt, and minerals. Although every spa flush product is different, you will usually let the solution circulate through and around your hot tub’s pipes overnight.

  1. Drain the spa

Once the spa flush product has worked its magic, you then can drain the old water. You can either let gravity do its thing or use a small sump pump, as this should do the job for you in about 20 minutes. Wastewater can be used for your lawn or plants providing the sanitizer or algaecide levels are not too high.

It is also a good idea to blow out the pipes with forced air, as this will dislodge any remaining gunk that the spa flush product could not remove. You may need to lay towels over the seat and floor before blowing air through any pipes or ports to soak up remaining water.

  1. Clean the spa

After draining the system, you should clean the interior surfaces first to provide protection against UV rays and chemicals problems. However, don’t use household cleaners as they can harm spa surfaces and contaminate the water too. Also, err on the side of caution with harsh spray or cream cleansers, which have the potential to seep into air holes.

Following on from cleaning the surfaces, move onto the underside of your cover to combat mildew. Don’t forget about the top either, which will need a cleaner and conditioner to prevent damage from sun, snow, and rain. Spa pillows should be cleaned with mild soap and water, while filters can be rinsed out with a garden hose and then soaked overnight to remove oils, grime, and any mineral deposits.

  1. Refill and balance

Consider using a pre-filter at the end of your garden hose to prevent contaminants and impurities from entering the hot tub. Also, always use the skimmer or filter hole to avoid trapping air in the pipes.

When your hot tub is full, test and adjust the water pH, alkalinity, and calcium hardness levels. You may need to add a shock treatment as well using MPS (Monopersulfate) which is a non-chlorine shock treatment or ordinary chlorine granules if you are happy with that. Bromine banks may need to be recharged too so top them up if necessary.

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