How to make the results of a pigmentation treatment last longer

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Pigmentation treatment is usually the pinnacle solution for persons with skin discoloration issues. Indeed there are topical creams and other substances that can be applied on the skin to promote an even tone and colour, but there are also situations that call for more advanced cosmetic solutions in order to resolve such issues for the long-term.

There are many types of pigmentation treatments being provided to patients, but these are not administered on the basis of customer preference. Rather, these are provided after the patient is recommended to receive a particular treatment, such as a cream application consisting of special oxy substances, facial peeling, or laser toning. This is because by not opting for the recommended treatment, skin pigmentation may not be addressed properly and may even worsen afterwards.

But how do you make the results of a pigmentation treatment last longer? If you have received treatment and would want to master maintenance and aftercare solutions, then below are some helpful tips:


Be reminded of what caused your pigmentation problem

Skin discoloration and pigmentation may not always be an acquired condition, but if it is so, then you should keep in mind to avoid situations that may cause it to come back. If your discoloration issue was caused by overexposure to sunlight, then it would be best to avoid exposing yourself to direct sunlight from this point onwards, or make it a habit to wear sunscreen when going out of the house.

On the other hand, if your pigmentation issue was caused by hormonal changes such as pregnancy, then following hormonal therapy solutions as a follow-up to a pigmentation treatment should be done, so long as these are advised by your doctor.

Cardinal rule: avoid exposure to UV rays

Regardless of how effective the results are of the pigmentation treatment you received, the UV rays of the sun remains to be your worst enemy. As mentioned above, it is best that you follow protective measures when going out under the sun, such as by wearing sunscreen. It is also advised to avoid sun exposure at high noon, as this is when UV rays are at their peak.

Age spots or liver spots are common among the elderly, and while the occurrence of these spots cannot be predicted, they are often aggravated by exposure to UV rays. So yes, it is likewise recommended to limit basking under the sunlight so that the risk to having these spots are reduced or even fully avoided.

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Follow prescribed aftercare medication

For persons who underwent a pigmentation treatment to address discoloration issues due to skin injury, acne, or inflammation, there are topical medications that are usually provided to promote the health of epithelial cells. By keeping the skin cells healthy, the more capable they become in churning melanin, the key substance that promotes an even skin colour and tone.

Aside from aftercare medication, it is also best to follow a healthy skin care regimen, which consists of cleansing, toning, and moisturizing. Regular practice of skin cleansing, toning, and moisturizing not only keeps the skin even in terms of colour and tone, but at the same time supple and firm. This can likewise be supported by proper diet and sufficient water intake.

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