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If you are looking for the best dental care for your child, the Kid dentist Mclean VA is one of the best ones. It is important to the kid dentist Mclean VA to make children and families feel comfortable and trust that they are receiving the best care and the company can do this by creating a warm atmosphere. The staff at the kid dentist Mclean VA is highly educated college graduate professionals who are devoted to being able to provide a unique and memorable experience for the children and their family that walk through the door. Their goal is bond with their clients by giving them a memorable experience in order for them to come back for regular dental visits with their families. They also work hard to try and motivate children on maintaining a proper dental health. If ever a child comes into the examination room and they are too anxious, the pediatric dentist will recommend that they come back another time in order for the child to gain the dentist’s trust and feel more at ease when they return.


Expectations at First Visit

This is one of the best dental offices in Mclean and Washington due to the fact that upon arrival, the children can go into the playroom while they wait on their appointment and the parents are invited to a coffee bar right as they walk in. parents are allowed if they want, to attend the exam room with their child or they can stay at the coffee bar. The experts at the dental office will keep the kids at ease by eliminating the fear of certain tools they have and replacing a name with Mr. Toothbrush instead of something for scary to children like a dental drill. The dental office also allows a younger child to sit on one of the parent’s laps while they get examined for the first time. The child has to first feel comfortable with all of the tools before the dentist can proceed and perform the cleaning. Age 4 is normally the youngest age that they will perform an x-ray if it is necessary. The pediatric dentist will then inform the parent of what the x-ray shows and every time the child leaves the dental office, they will have detailed instructions that they need to follow in order to have proper oral hygiene.

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