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According to some latest studies, maple syrup contains over 50 beneficial compounds. Many of these have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that might be advantageous in fighting diabetes and cancer. However, maple syrup is not available readily in your local shop or even if it is, chances are that it is not genuine. Counterfeit maple products, mostly made from sugarcane are widespread in the market.

Maple syrup direct, a Canadian company has arrived to bring genuine maple syrup to you right at your doorsteps. You can now order authentic maple products like maple syrup, candy, maple butter etc. online and have them delivered at your doorstep in minimal time.

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To bring the best maple products to you, we strictly abide by organic certification procedure and thus guarantee that our maple forest is handled in a sustainable manner. We promote the expansion of all species of wildlife and conserve their natural habitat. Additionally, organic certification also assures that only permitted antifoams and cleansers are made use of.

For those people that are not well acquainted with maple and maple products, this is something that can be consumed in a very of ways – and not only on your breakfast table. Here are a few ways you can use maple products:

  • It tastes great with your choicest ice cream.
  • Acts as a natural flavoring agent for desserts
  • Maple syrup adds a great touch to home-cooked meals – i.e. fowl, fish, meat, game birds, vegetables, pastas, dressings  and sauces
  • Adding maple syrup to your drinks peps up their taste
  • Ideal preference while bottling preserves
  • Great Breakfast Choice – waffles, pancakes, French toast, sticky buns & crepes

In unopened containers, maple products can be stored in a cool dry place. After opening, the container has to be closed tightly and refrigerated. Larger quantities of maple syrup may be stored for up to one year in a frozen state. While frozen, maple syrup becomes thick and hard to pour. Before you can use frozen maple syrup, it should be thawed. After use it can frozen again.

If any mold shows in the syrup, even if only superficial, the entire container should be immediately thrown away since it might be contaminated. Therefore refrigeration is obligatory after the container is opened to preserve its and freshness original purity.

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