Miracle Ingredients that Protect the Skin

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One little kernel can make a major difference in the health of your skin. The apricot kernel, in particular, is a skincare ingredient that maintains the skin’s suppleness and smoothness, whether it is prone to acne or aging. This natural skin care ingredient is enriched with amygdalin B17. Amygdalin B17 is a natural protectant for any skin cells under attack from free radicals and pollutants.

Protect the Skin

How an Emulsifier Works

Emulsifiers are another major ingredient in organic skincare products. Emulsifiers are often used in organic skin lotions and moisturizers for easier absorption. For instance, sodium stearoyl lactylate is an example of an emulsifier that is used in organic skincare lotions or creams. An emulsifier – as the name indicates – works to stabilize an emulsion. In order to do this, the emulsifier must consist of a water-friendly hydrophilic head and an oil-loving hydrophobic tail.

Protect the Skin

The hydrophilic head is naturally directed to the water phase, while the hydrophobic tail is directed to the oil phase. The emulsifier stabilizes the chemistry by positioning itself at the air-water or oil-water interface. Therefore, this type of ingredient lends a kind of harmony to the other ingredients, and it is used as a balancer in most organic skincare products.

Sun Protectants

Naturally, you can’t obtain optimum support from organic creams or lotions if you don’t protect your skin from the sun as well. Therefore, it is important to use a skin protectant that features a sun protection factor (SPF) of at least 30.

Protect the Skin1

Zinc Oxide: Why it Is an Ideal Ingredient to Use in Sun Care Protection

Zinc oxide is one of the best organic ingredients used in sun protectants today. That is because the ingredient does not irritate the skin like chemical filters and can be applied after you moisturize your skin. In fact, other commercial UV protectants take about 30 minutes to start working while zinc oxide starts working immediately.

Zinc oxide shields the skin from all sorts of UV rays, while sun protectants without the ingredient cannot make this promise. If you want to avoid allergies as well as sunburns, then a sun protectant product with zinc oxide is a good choice. A skincare product or sun protectant that is fragrance-free, paraben-free, gluten-free, and GMO-free ensures an extra measure of protection, too.

Protect the Skin

The Danger of Parabens

For example, parabens are used as preservatives in commercial moisturizers, soaps, underarm deodorants, and even shaving creams. A paraben is an ester, or a compound of an acid and alcohol derived from p-hydroxybenzoic acid. Common forms of the ester include methylparaben, butylparaben, and propylparaben. Any of these parabens are used to extend the life of moisturizers and skin care products and to inhibit the growth of fungi or bacteria.

Scientists assert that parabens may disrupt one’s hormones or mimic estrogen, and therefore can promote the formation of breast cancer in women. Therefore, the purpose of an organic skincare cream, lotion, or shampoo is to provide a safe formula that encourages health as well.

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