Pointing The Pointers of Clenbutrol’s Cycle

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A cycle over here refers to the time taken to cut down weight to get the desired result with the gradual increase in the dose of clenbutrol. Clenbutrol can be taken in form of tablet or syrup in some cases it can also be injected. The Tablet is of 20mg each. It is ideal to take clenburtol towards the end of the cycle to get rid of that stubborn little lumpy fat. It is true that clenbutrol can not alone reduce the weight and build lean muscle. In fact clenbutrol does not show great results if it is taken during the beginning of the cycle. Clenbutrol must be taken 45 minutes before the workout so that the steroid can effectively work on the Beta-2 receptors. Clenbutrols one bottle has 90 capsules in it and about 2 to 4 capsules can be taken during the day depending upon the daily requirement and the cycle which is followed. The most used cycles are Two day on then followed by two day rest and the other one is Two weeks on and Two weeks rest.


Clen Cycle

Two Days ON/ Two Days OFF is the most rapid way of reducing the weight where two days clenbutrol is taken in considerably high dosage followed by two days of rest where only exercise is done without taking clenbutrol and after two days a much higher dose is taken for another two days followed by a proper work out. The dose starts from a 20mg and must not exceed 180mg during the entire cycle. An over dose could lead to severe side effects such as Brain Hemorrhage or Heart Attack. Read reviews from people who are cycling Clenbuterol pills.

Two Weeks ON/Two Weeks OFF is a much stable form of cycle where clenbutrol is taken for two weeks with gradual increase in dosage with a two week Off where the body is given rest. However this does not mean that there is no need for workout. After the Off Period Clenbutrol’s dosage must be increased from where it was stopped two weeks back, and then again after two weeks of taking higher dose of clenbutrol it must be stopped for two weeks. It should be borne in mind that it is not advisible to go beyond 180mg.

For men the recommended dose is from 20mg to 140mg but must not exceed 180mg. Clenbutrol also has side effects such as Hypertension, Nausea, Headache, Mood swings and in case of a drug abuse the side effects could be fatal and lead to heart attack and brain hemorrhage.

Clenbutrol is a relatively safe and effective drug provided it is combined with a proper workout otherwise clenbutrol won’t work. It should also be remembered that Clenbutrol is not for the initial fat loss it is effective on that last stubborn fat during the end of the cutting cycle. So if a person falls in an obese category then he/she must bring down their weight to normal before resorting to Clenbutrol.

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