Quick Tips for Beginner Cyclists

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Cycling is a time-honoured hobby. It’s fun and it’s inexpensive. Also, cycling is an environmentally friendly way to commute or go on a vacation. It’s also a hobby and a sport that takes time to master. Learning to ride a bicycle is easy, but becoming a cyclist is not that easy. If you are a beginner, you will need some practise before you are a fully-grown cyclist. In the meantime, here are some tips for beginner cyclists:


Buy Apparel Suitable for Cycling

Cycling, like running, swimming or tennis requires its own unique set of clothes. You shouldn’t cycle in something you would usually wear for a morning walk. You should get cycling apparel that makes you the most comfortable on a bicycle. Long pants, for example, are not suited for cycling. The hems could easily get caught in the pedals. Cotton fabrics are not recommended either, as they absorb sweat. The best cycling apparel is made from synthetic fabrics with wicking ability to keep sweat off your skin. So, buy cycling clothing Australia from reputable sports clothes sellers.

Stay Hydrated on Long Tours

Cycling makes you sweat a lot, as you may have already noticed. Therefore, it’s important to stay hydrated on cycling tours, especially long ones. When you cycle, don’t forget to carry a bottle of water. You will need to carry liquids in a backpack for long tours. If you are not hydrated well during your cycling tours, you risk getting severely dehydrated.

Practise to Build Endurance

Cycling needs a lot of practise. Cycling on the road requires endurance and skill. So, if you have been using the cycling machine at the gym so far, that will not make you a proper cyclist. Ride your bike outside and in parks to familiarize yourself with it. Riding in the wild will help you concentrate better and avoid obstacles. You should also do more cardio exercise to build your endurance levels. Cycling requires endurance much more than strength.

Learn about Bicycles

As a cycling enthusiast or a wannabe bicyclist, you need to know about bicycles. Learn about the different parts of the vehicle and how they work. This level of rudimentary knowledge is essential to help you buy good bicycles. More importantly, if your bike breaks down, you need to know what to fix. So, go online today and read up about bicycles. You can also get help from a veteran cyclist.

Shop for a Model Suited to Your Needs

As a cyclist, you must have a really good bike that suits your needs. When you buy a bicycle, it’s not speed that matters. Some models are suited for urban travel and others are made for racing or specialised activities like mountain biking. You cannot take a Brompton made for streets on a mountain biking trip. Therefore, do your research and buy the bike model that you need for you exercises, not want.

Familiarize Yourself with Different Routes

You will only be a good cyclist if you can handle different types of roads. For example, riding on urban cycling tracks is easy, but can you handle rough, pebble-strewn dirt roads? On your cycling outings, plan to include different types of roads to become more attuned to environmental challenges as a cyclist.

Becoming a pro at anything is not easy. While becoming a cycling pro can be challenging, it’s also very much fun.

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