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Testosterone is the hormone produced in the males and females. This is produced in a very small amount in males in their testis, whereas in females it is produced in their ovaries. This is produced by both men and women in their endocrine system. Although the testosterone is produced in the body of an individual in a very small amount, indeed there are a number of supplements manufactured for boosting the production of testosterone. This also acts as a therapy for the individuals, who are diagnosed with hypogonadism and has an impact on the quality of life.

Test 400mg dosage is suggested by a healthcare physician. If a user takes it without any recommendation of a doctor, it is considered illegal. This has been seen that most of the individual take it in its early stages in the form of injections, but it may lead to several unpleasant side effects as well as adverse reactions. The testosterone 400 is typically used by a number of individuals including the bodybuilders and athletes, who wish to increase muscle mass and improve performance and endurance results.

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The testosterone 400mg contains 4mg of testosterone in each of its bottle. This is a popular steroid and is found everywhere throughout the world. Some of the individuals are of the belief that that this form of testosterone has highest concentration of testosterone in all blends that have ever been produced. Some of the ingredients of the testosterone blend include:

  • Testosterone propionate
  • Testosterone enanthate
  • Testosterone cypionate, etc.

The above mentioned forms of the testosterone have different esters attached to them. These esters are used in the rate of dispersal of the hormone from its injection site into the bloodstream. There are a number of bodybuilding websites promoting the use of the injectable steroids for results. The active life of a dose is about 8 days with increase in the level of testosterone that is measurable for up to three months in the bloodstream. The users of the test 400 mg are aware that this is a steroid, which is not intended for human use. This is a veterinary grade steroid.

The Test 400mg has been classified as a controlled substance and is known for its high potential for abuse. The abuse of this drug may contribute to psychological dependence as well as severe physical dependence. The foremost complaint that has been registered on intake of Test 400mg is that it is very painful to get injected. It is also recommended that the women must not also take it. But, it has been seen that some of the women take small doses of the steroid.

It is said that the individuals, who avoid taking cautions and warnings on injecting Test 400mg dosage may experience shrinkage in testicles. The users can purchase this steroid anytime in the market from the black marketers and the underground suppliers. It has also been observed that there are several other injectable products that are safer. The individuals are suggested to avoid use of muscle building efforts.

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