Techniques of identifying a flying termite through its body structure

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Termites are hazardous insects that can cause severe heath problems to you and the real problem with most of you is that most of you confuse these termites to the big ants and thus do not take up the necessary steps which could help in the control of these termites.  There are several difference between flying termites and flying ants and you shall keep note of the following things to identify the flying termites:


  • The first difference that you can notice is the termites belonging to various breeds have got identical wings both on the front and at the back but it is not the same with the flying ants. The flying ants generally have bigger front wings when compared to the back wings and you shall have close watch to spot the difference as it is not that easy as it might appear to be since the size of both these insects is very small.
  • Another way to identify the flying termites is again through their wing size. These termites have got wing size which is almost double when compared to their body size. But with the ants, both the wings and body are proportionate and this property is somewhat more contrasting and can help you to spot the differences between the two species.
  • Another thing with the termites is their waist size is thicker which makes their body uniform while with the ants their waist or middle portion of body is suppressed which can help you to identify the two species. But spotting the differences between the two is not enough and if you spot any termite, you must go for right kind of chemicals to get rid of them. You can know more about the chemicals and techniques to get rid of the termites on the website com.




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