Teen Inhalant Abuse: Could it be Happening in Schaumburg?

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Inhalants are said to be the new marijuana for young and middle-aged teens all across the nation, but especially in Schaumburg and in the greater Chicago area.  It’s a little bit more difficult to get marijuana in the greater Chicago area than it is in other areas, and this truth has played a heavy toll on those who want to get high off of marijuana.   The reason for this is because Chicago and Schaumburg has such a terrible heroin and pill problem that the Drug Enforcement Agency, (DEA), has been cracking down on all illicit drug trafficking and abuse in the Chicago area.  This is great and it actually has slowed down marijuana trafficking as a byproduct but now teens have simply found something else to use and abuse, and these are inhalants. Teens should not be abusing drugs at this age; it actually slows down their growth rate too. Many drug rehab Chicago Illinois centers are trying to go out and raise awareness to the teens in the schools where drugs have been present recently.


  • Though the greater Chicago area is considered to be the inhalant capital of the nation, over 2.1 million kids, ages 12-17, have used an inhalant to get high in the entire country.

  • 1 out of 5 school-aged children in the U.S. has intentionally abused a common household product to get high by the time they reach eighth grade, but in Schaumburg, it is one out of three children who have done such an activity.

  • More than 1,400 different products are commonly abused for inhalants, and more of these types of products have been found in Schaumburg homes than in any other city.

  • Many youngsters say they began sniffing while in grade school.  In fact, abuse of inhalants often begins at age 10 or 11, although children as young as six have been known to experiment with inhalants to get high off of them.  In Schaumburg, police now have to work rapidly to try and catch grade school inhalant abusers.

The Deadly Dangers of Inhalant Abuse

  • Abusing inhalants can kill, and can kill the first time they are used.  Victims can suddenly die without warning.  “Sudden Sniffing Death” can result from a single session of inhalant use…it could be their very first attempt at it.  This has already happened in Schaumburg a few times, and the results have been devastating on the parents and families of the kids who have died.

  • Inhalant abuse is very addictive in those who do it.  Many abusers say they have a strong need to continue using, and withdrawal can occur with long-term inhalant use and abuse.  This is why there is now such a strong crackdown in the Schaumburg area.  It must be stopped and stopped soon.

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  • Because inhalant abuse deaths are often attributed to other causes, no one will know for certain how many lives are taken by inhalant abuse, but it is certain that it has already caused deaths in the Schaumburg area.

All in all, this is a grim and scary prospect.  It will take grassroots efforts on the behalf of everyone in the community and the parents especially but inhalant abuse must be stopped before it gets any worse. The drug rehab Schaumburg will do everything they can by getting the word out to teens in schools especially that they can seek help at the drug rehabilitation Schaumburg for free.

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