When No Shave November Goes Year-Round

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Every November, men across the United States do their part to raise awareness of cancer by participating in ‘No Shave November’. The annual awareness drive features men who completely forgo shaving and grooming (at least from the shoulders up) in order to “evoke conversation and raise cancer awareness”, as explained by the organization behind the program. But here’s a question: what happens when No Shave November goes year-round?

There are undoubtedly men who, after No Shave November, decide they like their beards. They decide they like not having to shave every morning. For them, sporting a beard will become a full-time and permanent practice that could create a whole new identity. But here’s the thing: that identity could end up being good or bad, depending on perception.

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The Care and Maintenance of Beards

It’s great to keep your beard after No Shave November if that is what you want to do. But beards are no different than the hair on your head. They require at least a minimum of care and maintenance if you don’t want your beard to get out of control. Here are the most important things men with new beards need to know:

  • Combing Is Essential – Beard hair is incredibly coarse and hard to manage. In some men, it is so coarse that it can feel like little pieces of wire sticking out of the face. And the longer a beard gets, the more out of control the hair can get. Combing is essential to keeping a beard under control. Regardless of its length, a beard should be combed and trimmed daily.
  • Beard Oil Is Good – Men who use beard oil know how great it is for both beard hair and the underlying skin. A good product, like CRUDE’s Scruff beard and face oil, softens and conditions the hair, moisturizes the skin and soothes any razor burn using all-natural, plant-based ingredients that do no harm.
  • Harsh Shampoos Are Bad – Just like harsh shampoos are bad for the hair, they are also bad for beards. The best way to clean a beard is with warm water and a mild soap. There is no need to shampoo a beard or apply conditioner if you keep it clean and use a good beard oil.

Beard Length and Grooming

When No Shave November becomes a permanent, full-time thing, a man should decide what kind of beard he ultimately wants to end up with. Why is this important? Because the general public has certain perceptions about bearded men. Those perceptions will influence nearly every aspect of a man’s life.

For example, a long beard reminiscent of what Santa Claus wears is generally accepted as being unprofessional. Most men would have a difficult time passing off such a long beard if working in a professional environment like law or finance. And in some professions, beards are not allowed at all.

The other side of the spectrum is a well-groomed and close-cropped beard. People tend to perceive men with these kinds of beards as being very concerned about their personal appearance. They are also perceived to be attentive to details and more professional.

There are all kinds of beard styles to choose from should you decide to make No Shave November a permanent thing. Do a little bit of online research to find a style that is right for you. Then practice good care and maintenance habits that will keep your beard looking clean, fresh, and alive. Who knows? Your new beard could lead to a whole new you.

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