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  1. Maintain your ends in time

Split ends are the first sign of hair breakage you don’t want to experience. The best way to avoid split ends and more serious problems is to maintain your ends timely. So, make an appointment at the best NYC Hair Salon immediately and have no more fear.

  1. Strengthen your locks

Strong and healthy locks have fewer chances to suffer from hair breakage. To make your hair strong, you should provide it with ultra-rich nourishment and optimal hydration. Leave-in conditioners, nourishing masks, and moisturizing shampoos are your best friends.

  1. hair hSwitch to natural drying

Experts at the best NYC Hair Salon collectively agree that natural drying is an amazing thing to practice. Blow-drying is much faster, of course, but also much more harmful. So, whenever you have time, put your heat tool away and let your locks dry naturally.

  1. Be gentle with wet hair

Our hair is the most vulnerable to damage in a wet state. That’s why, you should be very gentle with your wet locks and avoid brushing, towel rubbing, or pulling.

  1. Limit the use of chemicals

Radical changes of color, constant perms, and usage of relaxers have negative consequences for your hair. If you want to avoid severe hair damage, including breakage, you should stop exposing your locks to chemicals so often.

  1. Avoid everyday heat styling

Prevention of hair breakage also includes limited usage of heated appliances. Your favorite curling iron and straightener make your locks look beautiful but also cause irreversible damage. Everyday heat styling is a common cause of hair breakage, so combat your obsession with heat.

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